Project Development: Weather API Development

After completing the route planner functionality of the website, I then decided to make use of my API research and experience by pulling through additional live weather data in order to inform users of the current conditions within London.

In turn, I made use of a REST API named “open weather channel”. This useful API enables users to gain live weather data from over 2000 cities across the world without the need for authentication.

Much like the TFL API I decided to request the data JSON format as I personally feel this is the standardised data format to parse and quickest to parse. Moreover I also set certain parameters such as the measurement format through which the temperature data was returned.

The most challenging part of implementing the weather data was the development of the weather graphics that accompany the live temperature measurement and conditions. In turn, I started by producing the graphics for each weather condition state through a combination of Adobe Illustrator and Sketch App to gather the vector designs.

After some online research and reading, I decided to implement a jQuery function that tests the weather conditions data feed for keywords such as “Clouds” or “Rain”. Depending on the conditions, a different class containing the corresponding weather vector is then appended to a separate blank html division therefore producing the correct weather vector on screen.


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