Project Planning: Project Scope

After deciding my final year project would consist of a 3D browser driven experience, I decided to create an initial project brief which I then pitched to my supervisor (Mike).

The brief defined the initial scope of the project including the aim, target market, accessibility and potential development/design technology implicated. Moreover, I collated a number of different themes from which the project could be based on.

After reviewing the various options, both Mike and I agreed that the London Tube transport system held the largest opportunity for developing both a useful and interesting 3D application. In turn, this theme provides a suitable platform from which features such as 3D models, line updates, a route planner and social media wall can all potentially be integrated.

From a management perspective, it is important to generate contingency time in order to allow for any major development issues. Thankfully, due to the nature of this project, it can be easily scaled up/down depending on development success and project progress.

The project will be developed using the Unity game engine as I have mentioned in my previous blog posts. Moreover, the interactive application will form part of a wider website that will provide additional user features such as a social media hub and user guidance.


  • Interactive application developed with Unity game engine
  • Website to house the embedded Unity application and provide additional user features
  • Major London landmark models developed with Autodesk Maya software (25 target total with stretch target of 50 models)




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