Project Research: UNITY Showcase

Image courtesy of Manifold Garden


This project is an impressive puzzle based game that is visualised through beautiful geometric shapes and optical illusions. The game encourages users to develop different perspectives and improve problem-solving skills. What particularly differentiated this project for me was the impressive rendering of the building objects, I could easily imagine the London skyline being produced through a similar style with Unity.


Planet Nomads is a video game currently in development with Unity. This project immediately caught my eye due to the impressive graphics and animation on display. Specifically features such as the particles effects, object textures and scene density are remarkable. This example certainly gives me the confidence that Unity will be able to deal with the many building objects and water particles used in the EXPLORE:LDN application.


Image courtesy of Planet Nomads


This application is developed with Unity and can be downloaded from the Google Play store or launched within a browser. Ballpark Analyser combines a variety of dynamic data sources and satellite imagery in order to provide real time data through an appealing user interface. The usage of live data streams in this project is particularly interesting as this is a feature I hope to achieve with my personal project. For instance, live line status could potentially be displayed.


Image courtesy of Ballpark Analyser


Aeon Virtual is a business that specialises in creating interactive experiences often through rich 3D environments and most recently virtual reality technology. Aeon have made use of Unity through a number of different projects which once again showcase the high performance and interactivity the Unity platform has to offer. For instance, Aeon developed an application that acted as an interactive housing showroom for potential customers. Features such as a VR experience from both the interior and exterior of the building where implemented to provide a fully immersive experience for users. Moreover, Unity’s ability to provide strong user interface elements such as “world-space” panels which consist of 3D menus make for a highly engaging experience.


Image courtesy of AeonVirtual


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